Saturday, November 22, 2008

Too Many Curses: A. Lee Martinez

A decent, easy read.  So far, I have liked every book by A. Lee Martinez.  No, scratch that.  So far, I have liked, to loved, every book by A. Lee Martinez. 

You want to know why I love books by A. Lee Martinez?  I’m guaranteed a decent story, plots just a step outside the norm, characters who are definitely unique, and a complete story in a single book.  Eh?  What’s that?  Yes, you heard me right.  A complete story, cover to cover, in a single book.  Uno.  Un. Ein. 

Don’t believe me?   Didn’t think authors did that anymore?  Well, neither did I.  Especially not in the sci-fi/fantasy genre.  Check out any of his other books to date and you won’t be disappointed.  Of course, that doesn’t come with a guarantee or anything.

Gil’s All Fright Diner remains my favorite, but they all have been great!  Check ‘em out!

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