Saturday, October 07, 2006

BizTalk SOA and Business Process - Day (-1)

Wow, Sunday already. Seemed only last night I was 'camping' in the backyard with the kids...oh, wait. I was.

Today is the first day back in Bellevue, WA. This time around its for a conference hosted by the BizTalk Server team on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management.

Staying at the Westin Bellevue, a new Starwood facility in the heart of Bellevue, Washington. I've stayed at Westin before and have always been impressed with it. This hotel is no exception, but its going to take some time. The views are great, but the ameninties are lacking just yet; I don't want to have to walk 3 blocks to [insert your favorite convenience store here] just to pickup water and snacks for breakfast.

At first, I thought I had screwed up and arrived a full day early. After all, I had been told about participating in Day 0 events, but hadn't received anything regarding it. So I came in on Sunday to be ready for Monday (Day 0), the conference actually starts on Tuesday (Day 1). All I get handed at the front desk is a single sheet of paper with a bus schedule and an itenerary that starts with cocktails on Monday night. WTF?? So, I get to 'hang' in Bellevue for a full day? How am I supposed to explain that?

Turns out, I had missed my 'Day 0' starts @ 7:20AM and doesn't let out until after 5PM, with the cocktails and conference registration at 5:30PM.

Here's hoping that it doesn't turn into a first class boondoggle! Although any conference that has free food and alcohol 2 out of the 3 nights your going to be there is a sure bet.

Sorry, no photos for this trip; Of course, I'm already halfway regretting it, but I didn't want to lug an extra device and was trying for this trip to be as lean as possible.

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