Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Travelin man ... travelin man, yes I am.

Finally turned in my expense reports for what seems like the last month on the road! 

First week on the road, I found myself in Monterrey, Mexico.  Lots of watching the business team in action, working through process flows, etc.  Few brief moments in the sun when it was my turn on deck for vendor related discussions.   The business team really had it all sewn up, so I was mainly there for window dressing.  We say "potato", they say "patata", its all good.

Second week on the road, I found myself in Redmond, Washington.   Beautiful place, really, just so far away from everything - like Dallas! Very intense week with the Connected Systems guys/gals, who were great hosts!  The unusual aspect (besides invitation only) was that I was traveling with a co-worker from another silo.  GASP!  I know what your thinking...how could "they" possibly risk the cross pollination contamination of a free exchange of ideas across those business silos?  That goes against the very grain of corporate America!?  Still not sure how we managed to get that past the powers that be.

Met some great people and had some great discussions! 

Then it was back to Dallas briefly.  Like the weekend.

Third week, found me in an overnighter to Atlanta, Georgia, for another vendor. 

No lost luggage, no really bad flights, some crazy cabbies, but no bad food and some really good notion motion!  Back to work!

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