Thursday, June 05, 2008

New Technologies From TechEd this Week

[disclaimer: I've not looked at any of these technologies, only read about them, but they are on my todo list!]

TechEd always seems to be the place to get up to speed on existing technologies, while PDC is the place to see new technologies.  However, this week during TechEd Developer Conference there were at least two new technologies worth checking out:

.NET StockTrader 2.0 has finally been released.  One of the (many) interesting things about this is its Configuration Service.  The Configuration Service is a capability that can be reused with your .NET applications today.  It provides some really great features like centralized configuration management and distributed cache.  During earlier announcements surrounding Oslo, it was mentioned that the StockTrader Configuration Service might make its way into the Oslo stack.

Project "Velocity" looks to be a project focused on providing a distributed, in-memory, cache with possible support for both managed, and unmanaged, code. 

How does "Velocity" contrast with StockTrader's Configuration Service?  Are they competing technologies?  Is the caching goodness of "Velocity" being married with Configuration Services "centralized configuration management" what is being baked into Oslo

While Configuration and Caching are two separate capabilities, developers often cache configuration and there are some awesome synergy possibilities there!

No, I didn't make it to TechEd this year - I am holding out for a return to PDC 2008!

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