Monday, August 11, 2008

Am I a Zune or an iPod?

Just give me my music and nobody gets hurt.

I own a Zune, it was given to me.  My wife owns a late generation iPod Nano Video.  The Zune software is hands down better than the iPod iTunes, which I consider just a hair breadth away from being crapware, and the device UI is every bit as good as the iPod (IMHO).  You can develop for it, which looks like is just starting to take off.  My 30GB Zune is, however, one ugly brick - but its first generation. 

Would I buy a new Zune?  Probably, but if I did, I would purchase a smaller edition, maybe the 8GB - I am not a video watcher on that postage stamp, so its just extra weight I'm going to carry around.  I can ditch that by slimming down and still hold all the essential music I might need.  That brings me on par with the 8GB iPod Nano Video.  Though having two media devices like this is not without compatibility problems around the 'media library'.

SuperSite blog post AntiZune spurred this post and you can check out the Zune vs. iPod comparison.

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