Sunday, March 18, 2007

About Zach Bonham

As part of prepping for the SOA Customer Roundtable, I was asked to provide an 'About Zach Bonham' blurb. Here is the best I can come up with:

Zach Bonham is a Solution Architect for the Supply Chain division at Mary Kay. He has over fourteen years of experience developing solutions for the Windows platform; the last five years have been focusing on Microsoft Server products: BizTalk Server, Reporting Services and .NET. Zach's current responsibilities include understanding the different models of availability, scalability, integration and technology for each Supply Chain application. Additional responsibilities include mentoring team members, technology evangelism, standardization, testing methodologies and level three support for the organization.

This is as concise as I could get it and still get the point across. Of course, by reading this it almost sounds as if I do everything which isn't the case. I am still a part of a team, more than that, I am a part of every team: the Integration Team (+Zach), the ERP Team (+Zach), the Reporting Services Team (+Zach), the LIMS Team (+Zach), the WMS Team (+Zach) the Leadership Team (+Zach), etc.

Its funny, I'm involved in most everything, a finger in every pie, but I don't actually seem to do much, yet I am always in motion. I am The Facilitator. I help others get past the red tape so that they can get their job done. I am the Grease beneath the poetic, or ah...something.

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