Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Stormcaller: Book One of the Twilight Reign, Tom Lloyd


Tom Lloyd is off to a good start with Stormcaller.  He adds an interesting take to an age old plot of the nobody who suddenly finds themselves as a somebody.  Its almost as if the author took a pinch of Wheel of Time, added a dash of Song of Fire and Ice and stirred it all together with The Runelords to give us Stormcaller.   I'm not comparing it to those notable titles, but it does seem to draw breath from them.  It doesn't take long to get caught up in the story and get carried through to the end.

The dialog has a couple of rough spots - mainly I lost context of who was speaking, which meant I had to re-read several important dialogs multiple times.  I also wasn't sure I liked how quickly the hero transforms from outcast bumpkin to Superman, but that can be overlooked, especially if the stage will be set for even greater challenges in future books.

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  1. Very good book. I fell in love with this book after about the 4th chapter. It has everything you expect from fantasy novels.

    Nice review! keep up the god work