Sunday, November 12, 2006

Shanghai, China - Day 3

Our first day working with our China partner. After a short kick-off meeting, the technical team breaks off and the whiteboarding begins.

We made a HUGE amount of progress today! Language was only a barrier in that it took time for translations to occur for discussions. Mainly we worked through the technical aspects of our service architecture, how to get clients to connected, data flows, etc.

We all 'spoke' the same language (C#) when it came time to code. Having everyone from each team in the same room, as opposed to conference calls, was a huge confidence builder in each other. Now I believe when we are forced to communicate through conference calls, they will be much more productive.

Our MK USA team celebrated the days progress with dinner at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai on 56th floor. Most of us had the tenderloin, which was superb!

This hotel was amazing! I'll post pictures of it later; it had incredible views of Shanghai! Turns out, this was one of our first choices in a residence, but it was booked.

We travelled all the way up to the 85th floor, trying to get to the observation deck, only to find that we had to go back to the first floor to buy tickets. Full of food and wine, and somewhat disoriented from leaning over the rails to look up/down the open interior of the hotel, we decided to head for home once we made it back to the first floor.

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