Sunday, November 12, 2006

Shanghai, China - Day 7

This turned into a marathon day...

Had the morning to ourselves, so we hit Nanjing Road to do some sight seeing and shopping.

Found our way to Shanghai Pearl City off of Nanjing road. It was pretty interesting. We definitely bought a few items, but don't believe we actually got the best deal we could have.

Wandered around for a bit before meeting back up at the hotel for lunch.

After that, it was a quick trip to the airport and off to the USA!

Of course, our flight inbound to Chicago O'Hare was asked to hold due to inclement weather, then diverted to Minneapolis for fuel, before making it back to Chicago.

Thankfully, a co-worker had enough sense of mind (even while under the influence of sleeping pills) to recommend we call ahead to check the flight status of our connection to Dallas. After we discovered that our flight had been canceled, we made arrangements at a local hotel.

After an early morning hop to Dallas, I dropped a co-worker off at his house and then headed to Allen (home). Once there, I enjoyed the family briefly, showered, and then packed everyone up and headed back out to Six Flags in Arlington for our annual company picnic, where we shut the place down around 6PM.

What a day... *whew*

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